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I’m a sociologist fascinated by South Korea's economic and cultural miracles. My dissertation delved into the relations between "Start-up Nation" vs. the "Republic of Samsung," and I have published multiple papers on the fans and fandom of Korean popular culture. Currently, I’m engaged in the book project titled "ImagiNation: South Korea’s Developmental Miracles, Utopias, and Dreams."

Photo: Bruno Charbit



"Hebrew University students travel to Korea to explore musical landscape" to
Korea Times

September 2023
New Publication:

"A tale of two cities: Revisiting compressed modernity(ies) and their logic(s)." Essay for the Special Book Symposium on Chang Kyung-Sup’s
The Logic of Compressed Modernity (2022), Korea Europe Review
December 2023

"Representation of Korea in the Israeli Textbooks" for the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the State of Israel

December 2023
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