I’m a sociologist interested in South Korea's economic and cultural miracles. I wrote my dissertation on Start-up Nation vs. the Republic of Samsung and published several papers on the fans and fandom of Korean popular culture. At present I’m working on the book project "ImagiNation of Korea in the post-miracle era."

Photo: Bruno Charbit


My paper titled "Start-up Nation” vs. “The Republic of Samsung”: Power and politics in the partner choice discourse in Israeli-Korean business collaboration" was published at Critical Perspectives on International Business
May  2021
I'm not sure what was more difficult - to summarize the research of years in less than 4 minutes or to make this video without too many mistakes. Anyway, I'm glad to share good news - my first chapter and the very reason to start the PhD journey back in 2011 has found a home at critical perspectives on international business. I always wondered about the cliché phrase that Israeli innovation complements Korean productivity - here is my take on partner choice, resource complementarity, and win-win international business collaboration.
I'm honored to receive the Israeli Science Foundation grant for the research proposal "In the name of innovation: Legitimacy, espionage and nation branding in the Apple v. Samsung “smartphone patent wars” 
July 2021

Our two cents with Dr. Pablo Utin on Oscar, Minari and the globalization of Korean Cinema to an Israeli newspaper Haaretz. For non-Hebrew speakers, we played the good cop/ bad cop - Pablo talked about global success of Korean movie industry thanks to Korean conglomerates, government and local talents, and I was denying the (full) globalization as most people experienced shock & surprise from both Parasite and Minari's Oscar triumph. Basically, I told the journalist, that I'll admit that Korean cinema went global when she'll stop writing items about it as some big news.

May 2021
My paper titled " “Koreans are the Israelis of the East”: A postcolonial reading of cultural similarities in cross-cultural management" was accepted to Culture and Organization
July 2021
My paper titled "Between two homelands: Diasporic nationalism and academic pilgrimage of the
Korean Christian Community in Jerusalem" was published at 
S/N Korean Humanities
May 2021
I gave an interview to Study International revealing all secrets on graduating in Israel, my academic and diasporic roots & routes 
June  2021