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In addition to my academic pursuits, I'm dedicated to disseminating knowledge about Korea-related topics—covering areas like the Korean economy, politics, society, and popular culture. I've contributed insights to various media outlets in Hebrew such as TheMarker, Calcalist, Haaretz, and Ynet. In English, my contributions have been featured in Forbes, Sunday Times, Korea Times, and Study International. Furthermore, I've had the privilege of sharing perspectives in Korean through platforms like Donga Daily, Yonhap, and Maeil Business Group. Here, on this page, I've gathered a collection of interviews, recorded lectures, and podcasts in all three languages. Dive in and explore!





"Hallyu! How Korean culture conquered the world"/ Sunday Times

"A Degree In K-Pop? The Hallyu Becomes A Popular Research Topic In Academia" / Forbes

on the economic success of BTS to TheMarker

“EBAT, Economy and Business Attitude Test” / Maeil Business Group Korea

“The Hebrew University prepares students for the business world in Asia" / Israel Haiom 

“Israeli-Korean wave: Jewish-Palestinian barrier breaker” / Donga Daily


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“Korea chic: The underground growth of Asian cosmetics in Israel” /Haaretz

“South Korea Wants Happy Citizens” / Calcalist

on "Korean Visual Culture" conference at the Hebrew University / Yonhap News Agency 


on the economic success of BTS and Big Hit to TheMarker


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